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“Tere IshqKe Naam”(Episode 1): A Promising Start to an intense love story

Revolving around the themes of love  and family issues ARY’s Tere Ishq Ke Naam” is off to a promising start. Written by Maha Malik and directed by Ahmad Bhatti the drama is produced under the banner of iDream Entertainment.

The first episode of the drama, which was aired on Friday, sets up the pace for an intriguing storyline. The episode introduces us to the major characters which appear quite layered with their individual obsessions, desires and battles with an interesting love quad and family drama surrounding them. It will be interesting to see how things shape in the coming episodes. Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t in first episode:

The Ensemble Cast:

The drama boasts an ensemble cast with fresh pairings which include Hiba Bukhari, Yashma Gill, Usama Khan, and Zaviyar Ejaz . And senior actors like Jamal Shah, add more value with their presence.

An Interesting Plot:

The first episode suggests that the drama is set to revolve around the four main leads. Rutba (Hiba Bukhari), the spoiled and only child of Mehar Ali Khan (Jamal Shah), is engaged to Altamash (played by Usama Khan), who seems to be more into her wealth than her. Azka (Yashma Gill), the daughter of Rutba’s phuppo, is also secretly in love with Altamash and plans to ruin their relationship. Khursheed (Zaviyar Nauman), who is not as well off as the other characters, lives in Rutba’s home with his widowed mother, who is Rutba’s khala.

Khursheed is bullied and hated by Rutba because she believes him to be inferior but her father admires him for his competence and dedication to studies. A drama seems to be brewing in the coming episodes since Mehar Ali Khan (Jamal Shah) refuses to marry Rutba to Altamash untill she completes her studies also taunting Altamash for his lack of education, which doesn’t go well with both Rutba and Altamash only making Azka and her mother happy.

Strong Storyline and Sub Plots

The first episode hints at a story of a closely-knit family where everyone has their ulterior motives and inner battles which are sure to keep viewers engaged and invested in the drama. Each character’s fascinating back story is skilfully weaved into the storyline and gives the drama an interesting premise.

Beautiful Soundtrack and Background Music.

With lyrics and music by the talented Hassan and Roshaan, whose recently released song “Sukoon” was much loved in both India and Pakistan, the OST of the drama is sung by Hassan Sheikh, Annural Khalid, and Saqib Ali Khan and it contributes well to the premise along with the background music.

A Good Production Value:

The production value of the drama is impressive and a lot of effort seems to have been put to make the production design align with the script of the drama which makes it feel very realistic.

A believable Portrayal of The Characters:

The portrayal of the respective characters by the cast is very natural and realistic. From Hiba the spoilt rich girl to Zaviyaar playing the innocent bullied guy and Noman Khan the rich manipulative lad and Azka a jealous lover and everyone in the supporting roles have acted really well.

Some Prominent Flaws

Occasionally the first episode felt a little out of touch with reality, especially in scenes where Khursheed meekly fixed a water pump despite Mehar Ali Khan having an army of servants and other privileges. We also didn’t understand why Rutba’s treatment of Khursheed in front of her father was acceptable to him considering that just moments earlier, he was literally chanting Khursheed’s praises for being the most diligent son.

What do you think will happen next in the story of Rutba and Altamash? Will Rutba defy her father’s decision, or will Azka first do something evil? Post a comment and let us know.

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