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“Super Punjabi” Bombs at Overseas Box Office with Disastrous Start

Pakistani Punjabi films are usually not released in overseas market as they are generally made on low scale and have a niche audience in single screen circuit of Punjab. Shahzad Rafique’s “Mohabbatan Sachiyaan” (2007) was the only exception that managed a good business at major Cineplexes. With the release of “The Legend of Maula Jatt” last year, prestige  for Punjabi film made from West Punjab (Pakistan) in overseas was finally gained. After Maula Jatt, the next Punjabi film from Pakistan that got a simultaneous worldwide release is Abu Aleeha’s “Super Punjabi” that released this Friday on May 12.

The film had a disastrous debut in overseas as it failed to collect even a million PKR on first day. According to Comscore, film collected only $103 and $310 from USA and UAE, respectively. In the markets like UK and Canada where there is a large Punjabi diaspora, film was supposed to perform better but there too it failed to take a reasonable start. In UK it collected $1,151 while in Canada it collected $1,380 only on first day.

Starring Mohsin Abbas Haider, Saima Baloch, Sana Fakhar, Iftikhar Thakur and Nasir Chinyoti, “Super Punjabi” could manage a total of only $2,944 (8.37 lac PKR) from overseas on opening day. Keep following this space for more updates from Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

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