“The Legend of Maula Jatt” Grosses 100 Cr in Pakistan, 250 Cr Worldwide


“The Legend of Maula Jatt” has crossed the historic milestone of 100 Cr at the Pakistani box office. Film’s worldwide gross has now surpassed 250 Cr. What a bang to close off 2022!

With an unbelievable run of 80 days and counting, the film has captured the imagination of international audiences, but more importantly, has proven that a good film can bring in big bucks right here at home.

No other film has come close to the 100 Cr mark domestically. Gone are the days that films would run for years in cinema halls. Today, only the gross revenue counts. And “The Legend of Maula Jatt” has proven that even with a paltry 144 screens, the Pakistani film industry can deliver.

All other filmmakers should take notice. Their excuses about a limited audience and a nascent film industry will not cut it anymore. Bilal Lashari has delivered an experience that has forced everyone to re-evaluate their notions as filmmakers in Pakistan. The audience is waiting; the audience is watching; and they want to feast on your creations. Just make sure the meal is worth it.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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