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‘Nouroz’ (Review): Shamyl Khan and Mawra Hocane Shine Bright In This Intense Drama

Over the years, Mawra Hocane has become the go-to actor to headline projects with meaty parts. Her knack for smelling good scripts puts her in the top league of actresses today. The initial promos of Mawra’s latest outing ‘Nauroz’ for Green Entertainment created the right buzz and promised an intense watch. So did the first two episodes manage to touch viewers? Let’s analyze.

The Intriguing Plot of ‘Nauroz’

Darwaish Khan (Shamyl Khan) narrates a story of an apocalyptic world to her young daughter Rishtina. He fasts forward the time zone to 2046. The latter is confined in a room and isn’t allowed to see the outer world. Time passes, and the little turns twenty. We are introduced to the grown-up Rishtina (Mawra Hocane). Tragedy strikes as Khan’s wife passes away. He feels helpless about revealing this tragic news and the actual to her daughter.

The Dreadful Twist In ‘Nauroz’

In an elaborate flashback sequence we get to know about Khan’s childhood friend Armaghan. His unhappy marriage led to an extramarital affair and he ended up marrying her. After giving birth to a daughter, she couldn’t survive due to childbirth complications. His father Karvaan Khan (Manzar Sehbai) breathes fire to know about this development. In the name of honor, he threatens to kill his daughter. Armaghan escapes and handover the newborn to Darwaish Khan. The former dies of a heart attack due to physical abuse by his family.

Rishtina is shocked to know about the reality, she loses her senses and tries to run away. Khan makes her a promise that he will do the needful but at the right time. One day Khan finally shows Rishtina the outside world, while she is enjoying the scenic beauty, Karvaan Khan gives a surprise visit at their place. Khan immediately hides her daughter. Later Karvaan talks about the basement in the house. Darwaish realizes that Rishtina isn’t safe here anymore and decides to send her to Islamabad. Episode two ends on a high note when Karvaan Khan comes to know about this mysterious girl in Darwaish Khan’s life.

The Shining Stars of ‘Nauroz’

The team of drama serial ‘Sabaat’ (2020), Shahzad Kashmiri (director), Kashif Anwar (writer) and Mawra Hocane are back with another solid enterprise. I feel loss of words to describe the magnificent performance of Shamyl Khan. Boy Oh Boy, he hits it out of the park. He gets the maximum screen time and holds your attention right from the first scene. Shamyl doesn’t just play Darwaish Khan; he inhabits him.

With ‘Nauroz’, Mawra Hocane is on another level. All I can say is, it’s her time to shine. Watch out for her in the sequences where she comes to know about the reality and her mother’s death. She leaves viewers moist-eyed with her helplessness. Mawra Hocane has given several memorable performances in the past. It’s too early to say but as the journey of Rishtina will unfold in the upcoming episodes, it wouldn’t be wrong to predict that ‘Nauroz’ will turn out to be Hocane’s most accomplished work so far.

Summing it up so far

‘Nauroz’ has started with a bang. It’s a complete package, a refreshing plot, stellar performances with loads of twists. The first two episodes are flawless and set the right pace for Rishtina’s journey in the upcoming episodes.


Written by Ozair Majeed


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