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Jannat Se Aagay (Review): A Great Start To A Potential Blockbuster

Haseeb Hassan is one of the rare director in the country who is well-versed in bringing out the zest of human emotions on screen. ‘Alif’, ‘Diyar-e-Dil’, ‘Mann Mayal’ and ‘Bol Meri Machli’ are some of the jewels of his crown. His latest outing for Geo Entertainment ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ generated terrific excitement with its intriguing and intense promos, thanks to its hatke story, exciting star cast and his comeback with ace writer Umera Ahmed. The question is, does ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ succeed in delivering quality entertainment? Let’s review.

Introducing The Premise Of ‘Jannat Se Aagay’

‘Jannat Se Aagay’ is the story of Tabbasum aka Bitto (Ramsha Khan) who is the craziest fan of TV host Jannat Ali Khan (Kubra Khan). Her only motto in life is to become like her idol. Bitto has a notebook that has cutouts of Jannat, she is desperate to attend her show, and in short, her obsession with Jannat is 24/7. Bitto hails from a lower middle-class family, she’s a responsible girl who is super supportive of her family. She is very close to her younger brother who wants to work in Dubai for a better living.

Her mother played by Lubna Aslam wants her elder daughter Nimmo (Dania Enwer) to get married first.  Bitto is committed to Farooq (Talha Chahour), they both like each other and their families approve of their relationship. Farooq despite having an ordinary job and salary tries his best to get an entry pass for Jannat’s show.

There’s a parallel track where Jannat, a popular morning show host, is ruling the TRP game. She goes all out for to fetch ratings, be it inviting rape victims, dancing at wedding weeks, or performing dangerous stunts with python and crocodiles. She gives tough competition to a fellow host and channel who never succeed to make it as big as Jannat.

The Successful Duo Of ‘Jannat Se Aagay’

Right from the word go, the winning combination of ‘Alif’ fame, Umera Ahmed and Haseeb Hassan, keep viewers super invested. Ahmed yet again pens a narrative that delves deep into human insecurities, greed, compassion, and ambitions. Hassan controls the proceedings and keeps it raw and real which is a rarity in GEO dramas. For instance, the way Ramsha sans vanity and aces the look as per their class is commendable. Ditto for showcasing the morning show sequences with panache, the glamour, the colors, and the rich production value are on point. The drama remains on a constant high and there’s never a dull moment. The proceedings are crisp and to the point.

Winning Acts Of ‘Jannat Se Aagay’

Ramsha has proved her credentials earlier in projects like ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’, ‘Shehnai’ and ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ but here she gets a role that can change her game altogether. She owns Tabbasum like a pro, we forget the actor and get highly invested in the character. Also her character is very well-written allowing her to shine. She gets the maximum screen time and so far her act is brilliant.

Kubra Khan is excellent as Jannat Ali Khan. She looks like a million bucks, maintains a strong position, and leaves a huge mark. She is on fire in the rape victim scene, the way she switches emotions, and insults the victim on and off air is simply commendable. However, Khan needs to work on her dialogue delivery, many at times it lacks clarity.

Talha Chahour is one underrated actor who will surely hit the bull’s eye with this one. He is effortless and his chemistry with Ramsha is one of the highlights. The bus scene where he daydreams about Tabbasum is a testimony of his brilliance. The supporting actors Lubna Aslam, Hina Bayat, Shehreyar Zaidi are effective.

‘Jannat Se Aagay’ Has Great Potential Ahead

All said and done, ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ is a winning combo of great writing, brilliant direction, and some amazing performances. The first two episodes so far have established the plot well and are set to unveil the dark realities behind fame and success.  If the drama continues its great form and manages to dodge the drag fest, ‘Jannat Se Aagay’ has the potential to be a solid blockbuster.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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