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Review: ‘Mein’ Takes Off With A Thrilling First Episode!

The expectations are super high from a project that features the best in the business. Two biggest stars of the country, Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali, bankrolled by Big Bang Entertainment and the brilliant Badar Mehmood as the captain of the ship. One expects magic to happen! The initial promos of ‘Mein’ gave us an inkling of a roller coaster ride of emotions, thrill, and loads of drama. So did the fabulous team managed to entertain viewers? Let’s Analyze.

‘Mein’: The Premise

‘Mein’ is the story of Mubashira (Ayeza Khan) a rich spoiled brat who keeps her ego on her head. Arrogant, rude, and selfish are the best adjectives to define her personality. Her relationship with her husband-cum-puppet Mohib (Agha Mustafa) is strange. They live in separate rooms, she treats him in the same way as she deals with her domestic staff. Mohib originally hails from a middle-class family, how they met, and got married isn’t revealed in the show. Mubashira is busy preparing for her second wedding anniversary, and Mohib promises her a big surprise on this occasion.

Enter Zaid (Wahaj Ali) a dashing, rich young man who is in love with a middle-class girl Ayra (Azeekah Daniel). Ayra is brought up by her elder brother played by Aijaz Aslam. They both share a friendly and cordial relationship. Zaid is very close to her younger sister Kashmala (Sabeena Syed). His father Asif (Shazad Nawaz) and Musbashira’s father Jafar (Usman Peerzada) are business partners. The episode ends on a shocking note when Mohib divorces Mubashira on the day of their anniversary. 

The Director Scores Big

The first episode of ‘Mein’ established the characters very well. Right from the outset we are introduced to the lead protagonist. The beginning scene where Ayeza is lecturing her husband on ethics gives us a clear understanding of her personality. On paper, the script by Zanjabeel Asim Shah isn’t out of the box, but the smart execution by director Badar Mehmood makes the proceedings very interesting. There’s never a dull moment or dragging even for a second. We are engrossed to see what happens next. Brownie points for Mehmood for keeping in check that the rich should look rich and they look ultra-stylish. Thankfully we don’t get to see middle-class people wearing makeup 24/7. The entire anniversary sequence ending up with the divorce deed was the high point.

Ayeza Khan Steals The Show

Ayeza Khan is one rare actor who makes sure that none of her characters are repeated on screen. Her different avatars make her a delight to watch. As Mubashira she simply dominates the first episode. She gets her accent, body language and attitude just right. Wahaj’s character isn’t much explored. He is likable and puts up a sincere effort. His scenes with Sabeena Syed are super cute. Azeekah Daniel is effortless and effective. Her bonding with Aijaz Aslam is heartwarming. Usman Peerzada and Shazad Nawaz enact their respective parts well.

Did ‘Mein’ Live Up To Its Expectation?

‘Mein’ takes a good start thanks to the fast-paced execution and fine performances. The first episode keeps viewers super engaged and concluded on a thrilling note. We are definitely rooting for Mubashira’s broken ego and her course of action.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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