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Review: ‘Namak Haram’ Serves Up The Perfect Taste Of Intrigue

Imran Ashraf starrer ‘Namak Haram’ is finally on air. The project marks Ashraf’s dual reunion with HUM TV and his ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’ co-star Sarah Khan. The expectations with this one are high as it features Imran in a different avatar. Besides the intense teasers have generated a good buzz amongst viewers and the lead actor’s fan club. In our curtain-raiser article, we speculated that will Imran and Sarah continue their winning streak again. Let’s find out…

‘‘Namak Haram’: The Story So Far

‘Namak Haram’ is the story of Mureed (Imran Ashraf) a loyal servant to his master Amin Qureshi (Babar Ali). Mureed’s forefathers have been serving this family therefore he is constantly on his toes to satisfy his master. Aimal (Anika Zulfiqar) and Asma (Sarah Khan) are Amin’s daughters. The former is head over heels in love with Mureed. Mureed constantly reminds her of the huge class difference between them. On the contrary, Amin’s nephew Arsal (Sajawal Khan) visits Pakistan and is interested in seeing Aimal.

There’s a certain kind of restlessness in Mureed’s eye and a desire to seek revenge. His character is much more than meets the eye. Asma is a pious and devoted girl. She disappears on her wedding day, her family can’t even think of her running away. In a later development, it is Mureed who has abducted her. There’s a parallel track where Malaika (Sunita Marshall) is shown as Amin’s mistress.

What Works

‘Namak Haram’ takes a gripping start. The writing by Saqlain Abbas is a major strength as it’s very arresting so far.  The dialogues are meaningful, sharp and well-worded, opening up various facets of this multi-layered narrative. Shaqielle Khan (director) does justice to the superb premise in hand. Not just the chief characters, but the supporting parts are presented with depth and detail. Two episodes down, it is difficult to pick a boring moment. The unexpected twists take the proceedings high making viewers invested as to what happens next.

Exemplary Performances  

Imran Ashraf is simply on fire. He inhibits Mureed and nails the part with a riveting act. We have seen him in challenging parts earlier, but here he makes a complex role seem easygoing. However, he looks too tightened up in some sequences. Sarah Khan so far is a bit overshadowed but leaves a mark. Sunita Marshall is a revelation, it’s good to see the actor is experimenting to showcase her diversity. Babar Ali is rocking his second innings. He is aging like fine wine and his acting chops are on another level. Anika Zulfiqar and Sajawal Khan lend able support.

We Are Thrilled So Far

‘‘Namak Haram’ ’ is off to a good start. The show works due to its powerful script, twists and turns and exemplary performance by Imran Ashraf. It has the potential to emerge as a clean hit as long as it dodges the drag fest.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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