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The Dark Horse ‘Chand Nagar’ Takes The Spotlight This Ramadan

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that with each passing year, Ramadan special shows are losing their charm and ground as well. And 2024 is no different. Amidst the various lineup of no-brainer shows like ‘Ishqaway’, ‘Very Filmi’, and ‘Tere Mere Sapney’ that simply defy logic, its BOL TV’s ‘Chand Nagar’ that manages to impress and takes the spotlight this Ramadan. Directed by Yasra Rizvi, and written by Zeeshan Junaid, the show stars Atiqa Odho, Javed Sheikh, Aijaz Aslam, Hajra Yamin, Jeenan Hussain, and many more. So, what makes ‘Chand Nagar’ stand out from the rest? Let’s Analyze

Ramadan Takes The Centre Stage

To start with, it’s good to see a Ramadan show with Ramadan taking center stage. The story kicks off with Khanam (Atiqa Odho) a widow living alone in a huge house awaiting Ramadan and her only son who lives abroad. She gets shattered when the latter can’t make it to Pakistan due to work commitments. She decides to place an ad in the newspapers inviting people to spend the holy month with her. Viewers are introduced to people from different walks of life. Tani (Maha Hassan) escapes from her home (Lahore) to marry her boyfriend in Karachi. Unfortunately, she gets dumped and arrives at Chand Nagar.

Shiza (Hajra Yamin) is a geeky yet nerdy girl, who wants to explore life on her terms. She arrives at Chand Nagar with her parents’ permission assuring them that she’ll be doing the rishta parade post Eid. Kainat’s (Fariya Hassan) family is in search of her as she marries her boyfriend and escapes to Karachi. Taimoor (Arez Ahmed) is also a contender and gets a green chit by Khanam. There’s a secret room in the house where no one is allowed to go except Khanam. She spends time alone and indulge in a conversation with someone. As the story progresses we get to see how the dynamics between these individuals unfolds. The show also emphasizes at the true meaning and essence of Ramadan of being kind and promoting peace and harmony.

Subtle Story Telling

Every Ramadan show this year is moving on the fast track. Here the writer and director mutually decide to be on the center track and it works big time. The principle plot is simple and relatable. The character introduction is done in depth and style that sets the pace and mood.  Resultantly viewers are invested to see their journey in Chand Nagar. For the unversed, Yasra’s previous directorial ‘Working Women’, had a similar theme wherein all characters accumulated under one roof. In Chand Nagar, the situation is similar but the mood is different. She keeps the proceedings light yet impactful ensuring the enterprise for mass viewing. The situations seem straight out of life and nothing is over the top.

Sincere Acts

It’s fascinating to see how a woman takes center stage. Atiqa Odho is the soul of ‘Chand Nagar’. The actor has complete command of her expression and puts up a convincing and loveable performance. Her eyes and silences communicate a lot. Hajra Yamin is a revelation, she gets her robotic act right. Saad Zameer Fareedi and Jenaan Hussain together steal the show in several scenes. Maha Hassan performs naturally. Arez Ahmed needs to work hard on his craft. Ditto for Aijaz Aslam, as the police officer; all he does is hamming. Fariya Hassan and Hassan Khan are decent. Javed Sheikh does well with limited screen time.

Summing It Up

‘Chand Nagar’ so far emerges as the surprise hit of Ramadan 2024. With its subtle storytelling, interesting characters, and Ramadan being the central theme, the show manages to impress.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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