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Daghabaaz Dil (Trailer Review): This “Shaadi Film” Has a Few Surprises

When the teaser for Wajahat Rauf’s newest Eid Release dropped a month ago, it seemed like a typical “Shaadi Film” that we’ve come to expect on Eid. Yet, the trailer shows something completely different.

Mehwish Hayat plays an independent girl who’s parents want her married off. Ali Rehman Khan plays her cousin who is roped into marrying her. Momin Saqib plays his friend who also has eyes for Mehwish Hayat’s character. Along for the ride are Babar Ali, Saleem Sheikh, Beo Zafar Rana, Tazeen Hussain, Laila Wasti and Michelle Mumtaz.

The film features a supernatural angle as well. Mehwish Hayat’s character Zoya is said to be possessed or haunted by Jinns. The film, thankfully, gives nothing else away. Trailer also features Ali Zaryoun in a role that we did not see coming. You’ll have to go to the theater to see the mystery unfold.

‘Daghabaaz Dil’ hits theaters on Eid Ul Fitr. It is the only major “Choti Eid” release from Pakistan this year.

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