Green Entertainment Gives Pakistani Television Screens A New Makeover

Green Entertainment is a private television channel of Pakistan launched on July 10th, 2023. Well known for its innovative approach with media and entertainment, the channel quickly became one of the fastest-growing platforms in Pakistani media history.

Core Values

Green Entertainment Pakistan was established with the mission to redefine entertainment by focusing on issues often overlooked by traditional media. The channel aims to highlight social, environmental, and cultural topics that have previously received limited coverage in mainstream media.


CEO, Fasih ur Rehman, leads the channel at the age of 27, making him one of the youngest individuals in Pakistan to head a television channel. This youthful leadership underscores the channel’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

Mr. Fasih Ur Rehman: the CEO of Green Entertainment


Green Entertainment offers a diverse range of programming designed to engage and inform viewers on critical societal issues. The lineup of programs includes several hit dramas from this year, such as ‘Kabli Pulao’, ‘Akhara’, and ‘Gentleman’. From sports (22 Qadam) horror (Siyaah Series), crime thriller (Serial Killer), romance (Kabli Pulao, Tumharay Husn Kay Naam), to religious/social content (Fatima Feng), Green Entertainment is the only TV channel in Pakistan broadcasting a wide array of genres simultaneously.

Impact and Recognition

Since its inception, Green Entertainment Pakistan has significantly raised awareness about pressing issues while entertaining audiences. The channel’s initial marketing strategy emphasized ideologies, each delivering a social message in a creative and entertaining manner. This approach quickly gained recognition across digital platforms. The channel has been praised for its bold storytelling and commitment to amplifying marginalized voices in Pakistani society. For instance, Jeevan Nagar highlighted the life and issues of intersex people, while Standup Girl explored the comedic yet eye-opening life of theatre artists and the stigmas attached to them. Within a year, Green Entertainment has delivered an array of flawless yet amazing content.

Controversies and Criticism

Like any media outlet, Green Entertainment faced scrutiny and criticism. However, its efforts to tackle sensitive topics have sparked important conversations and contributed to a more informed public discourse.

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