TV Serial Or Netflix Series? Director Sangeeta Eyes An Oscar With ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’!

Films based on the life of courtesans have been a staple in Lollywood. One of which was Hassan Tariq’s golden Jubilee hit ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’. Released in 1972, the film was based on the novel by Mirza Hadi Ruswa and featured Rani and Shahid in leading roles. Bollywood too adapted the novel twice, tweaked the title and produced ‘Umrao Jaan’ starring Rekha (1981) and Aishwarya Rai (2006).

Actor and director Sangeeta is now making a project on the novel starring Meera as ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’. Produced by Salman butt of Red Lipstick Entertainment, the shoot of the mega project has commenced. It stars Moammar Rana, Jia Ali, Fariha Jabeen and many others.

In a video surfacing from the sets of ‘Umrao Jan Ada’, the renowned filmmaker shared insights about the project. “I was awestruck when I watched Hassan Tariq’s creation. I can never forget the climax, he did a fantastic job. I hope to match up to his standards.”

Speaking about the protagonist, she said, “I thought Meera would be the best choice as she is very photogenic. I am confident with my choice; she is working very hard. She knows how to perform and carry herself on screen.”

Sangeeta has earlier tried her hands on this genre with ‘Naam Mera Badnam’. She acted and directed the box office hit in 1984. Many decades later, she is still up for doing challenging work. “I am very excited for this one; we are putting our best foot forward to showcase that era aptly. The production team has put up big sets. I chose to shoot in Lahore to support the technicians with whom I have worked for the last four decades. We aim to release the twenty-six episode play on Netflix and hope to win an Oscar.”

Well, the approach seems to be sincere, but we are confused. Is ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’ a TV serial or a series for Netflix? Let’s wait and watch.

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