Parwaz Hai Junoon Review

Review : Parwaaz Hai Junoon is a fun filled emotional ride

Having chosen “Parwaz Ha Junoon” as my first Eid watch I had all the fears popping up my mind about the film being overloaded with tactical air operations and the increasing drama vibes (case with Bin Roye the first cinematic outing from M&D productions) exhibiting from trailer. But witnessing the cinematic experience, it surpassed my minimal expectations convincingly and left me asking for more.

Floor trembling roars of aircrafts featuring Squadron leader Hamza(Hamza Ali Abbasi) the film’s lead protagonist, hard headed and carefree is what the film begins with, grabbing your attention instantly and alerting you of the action packed emotional ride that lies ahead.

The Camera then rolls to the scenic Risalpur hills where young cadets Sania (Hania Aamir), Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) & Zaid (Shafat Ali) battle it out for survival as young cadets at PAF academy. From ‘wardi walon ki sakht sazaein’ to the joys and hardships, fun and bonds of friendship and love that grow within the constraints of the academy, driven by moving dialogues like “Jab dharti pukarti hai na sir to koi aur awaaz sunai nahi deti “, all perfectly aligns to carry forward the film’s narrative.

From Risalpur academy the events than swap to the past where Sania and Hamza step on the ladder of love in picturesque Margallas with the harmonious “Thaam lo” adding to the feel good romance. Confronted by family drama and some unforseen circumstances, a course of events makes the subjects of the relationship, particularly Sania grow considerably as character, while remaining perfectly true to the films patriotic rhetoric.

PHJ’s most likeable aspect is the balance it manages to maintain between the entertainment quotient and the subject driven origin. Instead of relying on hate mongering against “dushman mumalik” the narrative is put forward rather subtly using family drama driven by humor, a perfectly blended soundtrack, fresh cast and locations that add up charismatically to form a complete package that makes you laugh and cry, gives you goosebumps and most importantly succeeds at rejuvenating the love of land and of course PAF. A big positive is film’s music from the most soulful romantic track “Thaam Lo” to the shadi number “Nache Re”, situational songs like “Mein uraa”, “Bhulleya” and two unreleased songs are aptly placed and utilized impeccably.

Already being high on the ‘khoobsurti’ level, enough to pull crowds to the cinema halls with handsome hunks Hamza, Ahad and Shaz, to the bubbly beauty Hania, the cast proves their acting prowess too and excel in pulling off their respective characters effortlessly proving to be the most honest choices for the roles. A special mention to a number of extended guest appearances and actors in supporting roles as they were all treat to eyes and performed naturally in every scene.

However despite having a perfectly executed narrative, plot of the film feels cliché with the story getting predictable by the 2nd half, moreover you cannot help noticing some out of focus scenes. However these fails are largely overcome by subtle execution of a powerful emotional drama.

Parwaz Hai Junoon Review
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It’s easy to say that PHJ is an admirably unforgettable Eid watch delivering comprehensively on major fronts. A must watch particularly for those aspiring to be in air force and a treat for Hamza Ali Abbasi’s fans. Go watch, it surely won’t disappoint you!

Written by Ghulam Qadir

Ghulam Qadir an Engineer by profession , is a content writer at Pakistani Cinema who aspires to see local cinema ascent to its full potential .
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