Pakistani Eid Releases Collect Good Figures over the Second Weekend at the Overseas Box-Office

Pakistani films continued their steady run over the second weekend at the overseas box-office, grossing decent sums in key markets of United Kingdom, UAE and North America. In the prior week, both Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (JPNA2) and Parwaaz Hai Junoon (PHJ) had surpassed trade expectations by collecting excellent figures not just in Pakistan but also in the overseas. However, it was crucial for these films to trend well during second weekend, as a litmus test of audience acceptance. The second weekend’s trade figures speak for themselves and it seems that the audiences across the globe have given a thumbs up to the two films.

JPNA2 collected a decent £37,335 (0.59cr) on its second weekend in the UK, for a till-date total of £316,000 (5cr). In UAE, the film managed to gross UAE DH156,000 (0.53cr) for a lifetime aggregate of DH 1.094m (3.72cr). The movie’s trend was stronger in North America where it collected $66,230 (0.83cr) taking its box office tally in that market to $272,900 (3.42cr). In Australia and New Zealand, it grossed Au$11950 (0.11cr) for a total of Au$52900 (0.47cr). The combined total for JPNA2 from all overseas markets stands at 12.61 crores.

M&D Productions’ PAF drama PHJ collected £13,825 (0.22cr) for a total £85630 (1.36cr) over its second weekend in the United Kingdom. Its collections in the UAE market stood at DH84,500 (0.29cr), for a grand total of DH 493,000 (1.68cr). Like JPNA2, it trended better in North America, collecting $55,855 (0.70cr) for a total of $224715 (2.82cr). In Australia/New Zealand the film managed to gross Au$ 8370 (7.4 lacs) for a lifetime total A$41,145 (0.37cr). The combined total for PHJ from all overseas markets stands at 6.23 crores.

Filmwala’s Load Wedding grossed £5,870 (9.3 lacs) in the same time horizon in UK taking its tally to £33,505 (0.53cr) in the market. However, in the US it saw its collections drop to  $2,755 (3.5 lacs) in the second weekend for a total of $33,505 (0.42cr). The movie has earned a total of 0.95 cr from these two key markets till date.

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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