Indian actor Sunny Hinduja talks Pakistani film debut “Pinky Memsaab”, artist ban and more; in this exclusive interview to PakistaniCinema

Pakistan and India may be having frosty relations lately which has adversely affected various departments, with people to people contacts and arts being the worst affected ones. From banning each other’s content to devoiding Pakistani artists from working in India by right wing extremists across the border, the list goes beyond the scope of this scribe. There are however some daring projects which defy these “bans” and hence contribute their small but significant role to bring both the neighbours together. One such project is the latest Pakistani film Pinky Memsaab which employed Indian actor Sunny Hinduja. The film is hitting the screens this December across UAE and Pakistan and we caught up with him to know his stance on cultural exchange between the neighbouring nations and his debut film Pinky Memsaab in Pakistan.

This is your debut Pakistani film. How would you describe your experience of working in a Pakistani film. Any particular difference from Bollywood that you felt?
Well culturally, emotionally and technically I didn’t see any difference. We are the same people basically. Where I found a difference was the exceptional love and affection I felt from the team. There was a lot of togetherness, love and passion on sets. Rest I dont think there was any difference from any Bollywood experience because the passion and effort that went in the movie was the same.

How did the makers of Pinky Memsaab end up casting you for the role & what made you chose this film as your debut Pakistani project?
I had earlier worked with Fahad (the producer) for another project. So he approached me for this film and while choosing a project, its not just the story of a particular project that I look for, there is something beyond that, which is the kind of people whom I am going to work with. So it was the people working on Pinky Memsaab that made me say yes to the project. I have always been fond of Fahad and I knew whatever he did would be fantastic and I am glad with the results that we have at hands.

Lately a lot of Pakistani actors, despite critical and mass success, are unable to pursue their Bollywood careers in India because of the ban in practice there. Whats your take on this ban on Pakistani actors in India?
I think art in any form should not be mixed with politics. There shouldn’t have been any ban at all. Talent should come out in any form, from any country. Both Indians and Pakistani artists are really talented and the art flourishes in their blood.
Art doesn’t have any particular language & Pakistani and Indian actors should be allowed to work with each other.

Looking at the frosty political relations India and Pakistan have these days, do you think Pinky Memsaab has the potential and is a type of film that will promote peace between the two countries, considering the story is based in Dubai where the neighbouring nations are coexisting warmly?
I don’t know if it will promote the Indo-Pak friendship via its story or genre but if someone asks me the need of that, I would definitely be in its favor since I have had an amazing first hand experience with Pakistanis which not many Indians have had because of the limited exposure that the people of both the countries have to each other due to the politics from both sides.

Tell us about your character in the film?
I am playing the driver to Memsaab. He came from India to find work in Dubai and is a very very loyal person. He has his own life with its own complexities which he has to deal with. He is a supportive man who shares a comradere with Pinky and other maids around. How he changes, and revolves around is what you would get to see in the film.

Tell us Why should, people in UAE and Pakistan watch this film? And what should they expect out of Pinky Memsaab?
I think not just In UAE, India or Pakistan but people all over the world should watch the film because it has a great and relatable story. Because its a film about life. Everyone would see themselves In the film due to its relevance. But yes for people in UAE, it describes the life of the expats in the most authentic way, such that people could understand the whole dynamics of expat life in UAE, which I think would be interesting to see on big screen.

Looking at Hinduja’s views about “Pinky Memsaab”, it surely sounds like an offbeat, intelligent and entertaining watch. We at wish all the best to team Pinky and wish the film resonates with audiences both in Pakistan and UAE.

Written by Hasan Hasan

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