“Ayesha” : A Perfect Webseries About Women Empowerment For Your Quarantine Days

After the successful Pakistani web series like “Shameless proposals”, next web series to look forward to this quarantine period is “Ayesha”. Penned by Mehwish Hassan the series’ subject tackles a very common issue in every other household. This short 6 episode web series initially shows the life of a housewife and her efforts for her family and how she has been taken for granted even after giving everything to her family selflessly.

Typically when a woman realizes this, she is disappointed due to the thanklessness of her family. In this series however, the leading character Ayesha played by Yasra Razvi starts taking some self love measures and embarks on a new journey as an independent woman. What awaits her is her husband’s disapproval and for the rest you’ll have to watch the exciting 6 episode series. This typical storyline has been kept crisp and each episode lasts for hardly 6 minutes.

Yasra looks absolutely amazing in her character and Sarmad as usual, pulls it off brilliantly, but what makes it even more appealing to the viewers is the presence of everyone’s favorite child artist Sheez Sajad Gul known as Rumi from “Mere Paas Tum Ho”. Yasra as a struggling housewife and Sarmad as an ungrateful husband are phenomenal on the screen.

The overall performances and presentation are worth the watch but the cinematography and graphics could have been worked on a bit more. The series is getting an amazing response even from across the border and each episode has millions of views on YouTube which is huge. The series is produced by Madiha Majeed and hailed by Najaf Bilgrami.

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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