All four films by Nabeel and Fizza to screen in India this January

Pakistani films are steadily gaining recognition across the planet. Earlier Pakistani short films were appreciated at various international film festivals and now its Pakistani commercial cinema that’s braced for some international accolades.

It has been confirmed that all four films of Filmwala Productions are to be showcased at two different festivals in India earlier next year. Three of Nabeel Qureshi directed films “Na Maloom Afraad”, “Actor In Law” and “Na Maloom Arfaad 2” will screen at South Asia Forum of art and creativity heritage (SAFACH) while the recent 2018 release, by same production house “Load Wedding” will screen at Jaipur international film festival (JIFF).

Fahad Mustafa who is starring in all these four films, and whose “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2” is also screening at SAFACH, shared his joy on twitter in one of his statuses. We at Pakistani Cinema contacted the producer and co-writer of the four films produced under Filmwala banner, Fizza Ali Meerza and it turns out she was equally overjoyed.

“Its a very exciting time, Mashallah and i am very humbled and thankful. Its always good to get the exposure, especially when more people get to watch your films, you get more eyes to see your work. Now we hope to get appreciation from there as well”, said Meerza while speaking to Pakistani Cinema.

While “Na Maloom Afraad”, “Na Maloom Afraad 2” and “Load Wedding” will be screening in India for the first time but same is not the case for late Om Puri starrer “Actor in Law” as the film was first screened in Mumbai to pay homage to the late legendary actor. It was Puri’s last released film and it was screened to a limited audience by the Harkisan Mehta Institute for its students.

Apart from the above mentioned films, Humayun Saeed’s blockbuster “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” will also feature in SAFACH along with few other films. It has been learned that the lead actor and producer Humayun and director Nadeem Baig will be flying to India to attend the festival.

Here is hoping that the screening if these films open commercial arenas in the neighbouring country for Pakistani films in future.

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