Truck Horns, a Scruffy Ahmed Ali Akbar and a Kulfi Slurping Cop: The “Laal Kabootar” teaser is out!

The teaser for Kamal Khan helmed Laal Kabootar is out, and from the looks of it, fans of Pakistani cinema should brace themselves for a raw, adrenaline pumping ride. With only a single line of dialogue in the minute-long sequence (“Ek chor hi chor ko dhoondta hai”/Only a thief can catch another) the teaser hints at a plot that possibly has to do with a chase involving criminals. And the visuals, captured by ace cinematographer Mo Azmi (Cake, O21 and Jalaibee) leave little room for doubt — the film screams of desi machismo, with ample heavies, thugs and plenty of Ahmed Ali Akbar in a raw, scruffy avatar. Set in dark underbelly of Karachi, it seems the film will showcase plenty of thrills, gore and of course the customary romantic angle, with Mansha Pasha serving as Akbar’s love interest. The film also features Ali Kazmi in a prominent role.

Production wise, the movie looks like a strong fare with Zain Khan taking care of production design and the visuals seamlessly meld with the dark theme of its subject matter. The sound design is also innovative, never before have truck horns been used to the haunting effect they are played out in the teaser. It seems the movie will feature plenty of edgy sequences, as we see plenty of knives, gun fights, an attempted strangulation and even a shirtless Ahmed Ali Akbar getting intimate with one of female characters. The teaser definitely gave us the Jalaibee vibes, although this is markedly raw and more intense. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the trailer!

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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