Mehwish Hayat is in Discussions for Her Next Film. Is it the Benazir Biopic?

Mehwish Hayat has proven herself to be one of the most bankable stars of the Pakistan film industry. Ever since the revival of cinema scene everything she has touched has turned into gold. From her first appearance on big screen 2014’s “Na Maloom Afraad” to her most recent “Load Wedding” she has left some good work on her CV and is an established go to girl for producers for some quality work.

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In a recent interview with Instep the JPNA girl spilled beans on some major things we have been waiting for her to talk about Specially how her Eid release “Load Wedding” suffered at boxoffice, responding to which she seemed rather positive:

“I was praised for my part, what more can I ask for? And I’ve been seeing pictures of people with ‘jahezkhori band karo’ written on their hands, but it was “Load Wedding” that spoke about it. I think nobody before this really had the guts to talk about such an important issue ”

she further said  “I’m not entirely well-versed with numbers, but a film earning profit is a benchmark. I think it’s also important to check the authenticity of the box-office collections being put forth”.

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After the recent release of her web series “Enaaya” one wonders whats next for her on the table and to that she admitted to be working on a project but resisted from disclosing any further information for now. Last year we saw her instagram post about studying the life of Benazir Bhutto after which everyone theorized of her working on Benazir Bhutto’s biopic but that project for now is long way ahead according to her,

“Yes, I have clarified that there is a biopic in the works but must add that it is way off. A production of this magnitude takes time to get going. There are rules and laws governing biopics, which are based on the lives of real people and when the project is further down the line, I am sure that the producers will reach out to the appropriate people and follow the necessary guidelines”.

With that we believe fans will have to wait to watch her in this interesting avatar. But for now you can watch her in “Enaaya” which has released just yesterday on Eros Now.

Ghulam Qadir

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