Teaser of ‘Doda’, the First Baluchi Movie in over 40 years is Launched


The teaser of Pakistan’s first Baluchi full-length feature film since 1976, “Doda” premiered yesterday on digital platforms on the internet. Launched in both the Urdu and Baluchi versions, the minute long teaser presents a flavor of the film’s storyline, which revolves around the life of an up and coming boxer from Lyari, Karachi.

The last Baluchi language feature film was “Hammalo Mahganj” in 1976, which unfortunately never made it to theaters. While many low-budget Baluchi films since have made it to video or digital, “Doda” is the first feature length production in the Baluchi language that is aimed for a wide theatrical release in the country.

Speaking exclusively with, the film’s director Adil Bizanjo revealed that it has been shot extensively around Lyari and the Gadani shipbreaking yard near Hub. Describing the movie’s story, he revealed that “The film’s story revolves around the ups and downs in the life of an upcoming boxer, the hurdles he has to face because of his decisions, and the problems that are created by the society.”

Clarifying any comparisons with the 2016 film “Shah”, he added that “The film is completely different, as Shah revolved around the life and times of a famous boxer, Hussain Shah, from Lyari.”

Launched separately in Urdu as well as Baluchi, the teaser features photographic montages of Lyari and the coastline around Karachi with actor Shoaib Hassan enacting the titular role of the emerging boxer. Bizanjo expects to release “Doda” in both Baluchi as well as Urdu dubbed versions this year.

We at PakistaniCinema wish Adil and his enterprising team all the best and look forward to catching authentic cinema from Lyari, in theaters, very soon!

Doda Teaser (BALUCHI Version)

Doda Teaser (URDU Version)

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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