Two Male Leads of Wajahat Rauf’s Upcoming Project Announced

Wajahat Rauf has a reputation for surprising the audience and the film fraternity with his projects. His debut film, “Karachi Se Lahore” came out of nowhere in 2015 and proved to be the year’s dark horse at the box office. Following the sequel to that hit film, he started working on the first web series in the country, “Enaaya” that premiered in January this year and received largely positive feedback, although its certain aspects such as language came under scrutiny.

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Coming to his underproduction project, Wajahat announced Mehwish Hayat and Zara Noor as the two female leads sometimes back. This raised much speculation about who their male counterparts would be in the to-be-titled project. The buzz in the trade suggested that Wajahat was much satisfied with the way “Enaaya” shaped up, and that he would be casting the two male stars from that project. Well, with an Instagram post, Wajahat has finally confirmed those rumors as Azfar Rehman and Asad Siddiqui will be seen performing opposite Mehwish Hayat and Zara Noor, respectively.

The “Lahore Se Aagay” director has consistently displayed a knack for casting a set actors who work well together on screen. It is also refreshing to see him breaking the myth of casting-camps with his projects, as each of his films featuring a new female lead, and the male actors, with the exception of Yasir Hussain, have rarely been repeated as well. This upcoming project would see Azfar Rahman in his first lead role in a film, as he was previously seen in a side-role in 2017’s hit “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”. Audience curiosity would also be stirred to see the real life pair of Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui share their chemistry on reel.

The shooting of the project is currently underway, and it should hit the screens sometimes later this year.

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