Of Budget, Music, Subject and Release Date: Here is All About ‘Zarrar’ in the words of Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid has been around for thirty odd years in the film industry, and has been at top of the star hierarchy for most of his career. He has not restricted himself to acting, however, and has continued to explore other areas of film making such as direction, script writing and production. Shaan launched his own production house with directorial debut “Guns and Roses Ik Junoon” and currently his most expensive, and perhaps, most critical, production is in its final stages of completion.

You guessed it right – we are talking about “Zarrar,” which Shaan has written, directed and produced, besides being its lead star. Also starring Kiran Malik and Adnan Butt in important roles. We got in touch with the “Khuda Ke Liye” heart throb to learn more about the film.

“Zarrar is the first spy thriller of Pakistan,” says Shaan, “It’s the spy thriller that has never been made. It’s a film that’sbased on a true story. And why is it a true story? The characters are fictional but the story is true.” Elaborating on the film’s storyline, Shaan asserts that there’s plenty going around in Pakistan and its neighborhood to make an interesting script. “In Pakistan, we really don’t need to create fiction.”

The “Mujhe Chand Chahiye” director clearly enjoyed the process of making he film. “I wrote the script myself, I wrote the dialogues, I wrote the screenplay, and I directed it. So it was fun to make Zarrar. We shot in London for 20 days, and later shot in Turkey, on Pak-Afghan border and Karachi and Lahore as well. My camera team and crew came from London, it was great experience.”

Talking about music Shan revealed, “Zarrar’s soundtrack features situational songs.Three of the four songs have been produced by Yasir Jaswal and Umair Jaswal while one has been composed by Sahira Ali Bagga.”

And then Shaan drops the bombshell. “I am really thankful to the producers Owais Rauf for letting me make the film exactly the way I wanted to. At this point, it is currently the most expensive film in history of Pakistani cinema, as we have crossed 25 crore.”

On speculations of film’s release on Eid-ul-Azha, the Waar actor cleared the air, “We don’t have yet locked deal with any distributor so nothing is final yet but we are aiming Eid-ul-Azha to release our film”.The veteran of over 500 Pakistani films confirmed that the film’s teaser is scheduled to be release in March. We at wish him and his team all the best!

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