Attock Welcomed its First Digital Cinema

With the import of Bollywood films alongside the emergence of local film industry, the cinema market in the country has seen major growth in the last twelve years. The screen count has raised from 25 to 160 in the last decade with Punjab contributing the most in this market growth.

Amongst all this however Attock district has never been considered a good territory for cinema business, which is why there has been no decent cinema for the wholesome entertainment of families in last 3 decades.

But all is not bleak as an old cinema in Attock, which was later converted to a public auditorium (with the supposedly downfall of film industry), has been converted back to cinema with some major renovations. Named PAC cenima it was inaugurated in November to a lukewarm response majorly due to less promotions.

We at Pakistani Cinema contacted Zafar Iqbal, the manager of PAC cinema to ask if the audience has welcomed this new change, to which he replied,

“People were reluctant to cinema going as it was never a part of Attock’s culture. It opened to a lukewarm responce but is now getting better in last two months as we have started our promotional campaign through billboards and with ads on local cable channels. And also cinema is located in Defense society so it also is a hurdle for locals”.

Among major renovations, a digital screen has been installed with a dolby 7.1 system with seating capacity for 350. Opening of these cinemas stamps the fact that people has started to realize the potential of film market in Pakistan which will only help our local revived film industry expand its potential in years to come.

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