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Ali Zafar Announces Sequel to ‘Teefa in Trouble’ at Movie’s Success Party

“Teefa in Trouble” crossed the 50 crore milestone worldwide just a few days ago and now there’s confirmation that a sequel to this last year’s blockbuster is in the works. The announcement was made at an event organized by the streaming service Iflix to celebrate the success of the first film. Iflix has been onboard for film and has digital rights for film in Pakistan. Also the film trended number one on iflix on its digital premiere.

Ali Zafar and his friend, writer-director Ahsan Rahim nonchalantly spoke about making a sequel on stage. Ahsan Rahim says that they’d been planning a sequel for months and also Ali, while speaking to Something Haute, clarified that this announcement wasn’t just a “hawai fire”. Now that Ali had made the announcement, they’d actually have to begin writing the film.


“Teefa in Trouble” emerged as a huge hit for Pakistani cinema and shattered the myth that Pakistani films could only rake in the money during Eid holidays and certain national holidays. It also introduced some path breaking action choreography. With a sequel in the works, it’s not far fetched to assume that it will rake in much more than the first.

Yousuf Mehmood

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