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“Durj” Gets Release Date for Overseas

Shamoon Abbasi’s “Durj” has been making headlines ever since film’s first teaser was released online, due to its dark subject, i-e, cannibalism. Whether the film would get pass Pakistani censor board without any cuts? Is yet to be seen, but for overseas fans, the good news is that “Durj” is all set for its release in North America, United Kingdom and Middle East on 11th of October.

Film will be distributed by Zashko Films in regions of UK, USA and Canada and in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain, it will be released by ABA Associates. While film’s overseas distributors and release date has been confirmed, we will look forward for “Durj” to release in its home ground soon after its international release.

“Durj” stars Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Maira Khan, Dodi Khan and Nouman Javed.

Written by Azadar Kazmi

Biotechnolosgist by profession, Azadar kazmi one of the founding members of Pakistani Cinema page is a die heart movie buff. The face of Pakistani Cinema page is currently content head and editor at (Email : [email protected])


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  1. I was a film student and I have attended cannes many times , please get your information and facts right. DURJ is not part of Cannes the list of films selected are below:

    Durj has had a private screening where they must have paid $1000 our more, it is not in the competition category anyone can pay and screen their films with the hope of international interest, good new for all filmmakers in Pakistan. standing outside a hotel with a poster of your film does not mean you are part of Cannes, show us the red carpet.

    I am not putting anyone down…but we as Pakistanis have a responsibility….we are already known worldwide as liars and crooks…Cannes has very extreme copyright and legal concerns and our name could be dragged in just for one person’s marketing propaganda, if you visit the site the logo which has been used on the invites posted on instagram are legally protected, please retract or share some proof as anyone can create a badge and an invite on social media, Please understand legal action can be taken against you for promoting false propaganda and the film makers and we as Pakistanis don’t want another scandal on us….

    link below by international Director and producer Ray Brady with 29 wins and 59 nominations, explains Cannes film festival and how private screening works…

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