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Syed Noor’s Next is a co-venture between Iran and Pakistan

Syed Noor’s next film is going to be co-venture between Iran and Pakistan. The veteran filmmaker has signed a contract with Farooq Mughal, a film producer who has been living in Iran for the past 25 years. The two had first met at the 1st Fajr International Film Festival in 1982. It was he who had approached Mr. Noor for the co-production and he had agreed.

The film itself will commence shooting very shortly and include on screen and off screen talent from both nations. This would include the cast, the music directors as well as the producers.

The film would be shot in both Pakistan and Iran. It would partially be shot in Turkey as well.
As for the plot of the film, Syed Noor has only said that it will center on a high stakes family drama featuring family dynamics found in both countries. Hence, it will reflect cultural aspects of both countries. Mr. Noor hopes that this will not only bring the film industries of both countries together, but also their people.

Pakistan’s film industry is no stranger to co-ventures, having made films with India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Germany, and Iran in the past. However, whether this will translate in to success is anyone’s guess.

The film will star Saima Noor in an important role along with young talent from Iran and Pakistan.

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