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“One Day In the Haram” premieres in cinemas across Pakistan

“One day in the Haram” a feature length documentary film finally saw its release in Pakistani cinemas this Ramadan.

Directed by British Pakistani film maker Abrar Hussain, the documentary based on story of the Holy Haram has already premiered at Dubai International Film Festival and was recently premiered in India too and is being acknowledged as the most successful Islamic documentary film ever.

Along with screening in multiple countries i.e, the UK, the US, Australia and Canada and Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia and the UAE, it also became the first ever Islamic film to screen at the British upper house of Parliament.

Made on a budget of 50 million, the crew of the film is the first one to get access to Haram on such a large scale. Abrar had to go through extensive studies on Haram to bring this out in an informative and compelling manner like never seen before.

“One Day in the Haram” is released in Pakistan by Footprint Entertainment.

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