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Box Office: ‘Kataksha’ Surprises with Good Haul over the Weekend

Abu Aleeha’s first commercial feature Kataksha has made its presence felt at the box office. Despite the psycho-horror genre, film opened to a surprising 25 Lacs on Friday the 21st of June and then followed up by nearly doubling its Friday gross on Saturday with 42 Lacs and stood firm on Sunday with 40 lacs. It currently stands at 1.07 crore, as per Entertainment Pakistan.

The film’s Sunday gross was expected to get affected by the World Cup Match on Sunday, but it that too didn’t keep the film from crossing the 1 crore mark. It is the first horror film from new cinema that will cross 10 million at box office. Incidentally, the reported budget of  Kataksha is 98 lacs, which means that it’ll break even very soon.

Kataksha stars Saleem Meraj, Kiran Tabeir, Kasim Khan Nimra Shahid, and Mubeen Gabol.

Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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