5 Reasons to Watch ‘Baaji’ This Weekend

Baaji has been one of the most talked about movies from recent past. Ever since announcement the movie is been in news for its fresh cast, subject, some major cast reshuffles and recently for Mehvish Hayat’s controversial song from the movie. The movie is finally ready for release this Friday and here at Pakistani Cinema we will add to your some more reasons to watch Baaji.

Return of Saqib Malik (That too with his dream project)

Who among the 90’s children doesn’t remember ‘Khamaaj’. The music video directed by Saqib Malik which won our hearts and lives on in our memory. And Baaji marks his return as a dream project. The amount of effort that went on in the shoot shows in the promotional content.

Ambitious Team and Cast

Baaji is a huge film in context to the cast and specially the technical team behind it. Backed by the ARY banner the film is written by Irfan Ahmed Urfi, the film’s chartbuster music is done by the all so talented and popular Taha Malik which then is beautifully choreographed by a team of leading Pakistani choreographers like Nigah Jee, Wahab Shah and the leading man Osama Khalid butt. From director to DOP to editor, every name attached to this movie only makes it more exiting.

The supporting cast of the film includes veterans like Nisho Begum, Nayyar Ejaz and booming talents like Ali Kazmi, Mohsin Abbas Haider. And who can forget that the film marks return of Meera g to the big screen.

Meera’s First New-Age Movie

There is no doubt that Meera is a well established, rather talked about name in the industry and Baaji being her first new age movie in lead role and the fact that she was Saqib Malik’s original and only choice for the film and the hints of it being inspired by some real life events, all are making it more than just a movie. For Meera, it’s a sort of re-launching movie for the star.

Osman Khalid Butt

From humour to charming acting abilities and cherography that always leaves a feeling of freshness Osman is undeniably an asset to the industry. And Baaji has utilized this adept guy in each of these areas. He will be seen essaying role of Director in the movie and has already won us over with brilliantly choreographed peppy song “Gangster Guriya” . The song is already a raging success.

For The Love of Cinema

As the director promises us, and from what the shout outs are suggesting the movie is Saqib Malik’s gift to cinema, his love for the medium and industry. So what reason do we have to not watch this movie?

“Baaji” releases in cinemas worldwide this weekend.

Written by Syed Ali Asghar


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