Box Office Update: ‘Baaji’ Opens to Solid Numbers while ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Wrong No. 2’ Maintain a Good Hold

“Baaji” has opened to solid numbers at the box office, something that was expected due to its novelty as a comeback flick for Meera. It minted 90 lacs on opening day and 95 lacs on its second day for a total of 1.85 crore. The film is expected to grow on Sunday due to the overall positive word of mouth.

Holdover Films:

Meanwhile, “Chhalawa” and “Wrong No. 2: maintained their hold on the box office, bolstering their totals little by little throughout the week.

“Wrong No. 2”, which has already earned 16.94 crores over two weeks, wanted a further 2.02 crores in its third week, for a total of 18.96 crores.

It may yet end its run with a respectable total of 20 crores.

“Chhalawa”, though coming up short against its main competitor, continued to earn solid numbers in its third week, coming up with 1.2 crore. Its total now stands at 16 crores and it may end its run at around 17 crores.

Last Friday Release:

None of this business spilled over to “Kataksha” however, which registered a surprising 1.07 crore on its opening weekend, but completely collapsed after, bringing in only 71 lacs over the weekday period. Its total stands at 1.78 crore. However, since it has now been removed from almost all cinemas across the country, it is most probably not even going to touch the 2 crore mark through it’s theatrical earnings.

Courtesy: All box office numbers for “Chhalawa”, “Kataksha” and “Baaji” have been reported by Entertainment Pakistan.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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