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‘Heer Maan Jaa’ is going to be a definite choice this Eid, says Ali Rehman Khan

The renascence of Pakistan film industry would have stayed a dream if the budding talent of the time hadn’t come forward and to make the dream come true. In this gradual rise to recognition of the industry, we obviously can’t overlook one of the talented faces of Pakistan, Ali Rehman Khan who has had a helping hand in paving the way.

Khan started his career from drama serial Rishtay Kuch Adhoorey Se on Hum TV and later, got best sensation award. He then steped into films with “Janaan” he was last seen in “Parchi”. With his currently on-aired serial “Khaas” already getting attention for its unqiue subject, the latest from Khan is “Heer Maan Ja” alongside the versatile, Hareem Farooq which is set to release this Eid-ul-Azha.

In the previous interview with Imran Raza Kazmi we got to know some inside deets on the film and now we got ahold of  Ali Rehman Khan to simmer down our curiosity a bit more.

On Working with IRK Films

As it’s for the third time Ali is working with Imran Raza Kazmi so we asked him about the workplace relation with the team as it could get boring to work with the same people again and again, “It’s more of a symbiotic relationship now. Everyone plays his duties himself but the mutual understanding is the key which keeps the wheel rolling. We work as part of a machine which are important to work in order to run a machine, we understand and benefit each other which makes it easier to work well”, Ali replied.

About Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq has always been a cynosure and when he was asked to define Hareem as a producer and Hareem as a co-star, he said, ”Hareem as a producer and Hareem as an actor are two different personalities. As a producer, she has more responsibilities and she is literally running here and there on the set the whole time to take care of every thing but when it comes to working with Hareem as a co-star, she is a very easy-going, happy-go-lucky sort of a person even if she’s the producer at the same time, when she’s acting she makes sure to focus on that only. In both the roles Hareem is always professional and focused”.

On His Character in ‘Heer Maan Ja’

Talking about his character in Heer Maan Ja, he says that, “ I can’t say much about my character but what I can tell you is that I’m playing a character of an architect who is self-sufficient and very caring by nature, but obviously he doesn’t get all of this real quick and faces hardships in between but most of all, like every other guy he has a heart too (it seems like a clue to unfold the romance hidden in between the comedy)”.

On the USP of this Film

We asked him about the USP of this film, to which he replied, ”See if 50 to 60% of Pakistanis can afford only one movie a month then what would they like to watch ? Tragedy, Romantic drama or a Rom-Com ? keeping in mind the stats of previous couple of years, it’s quite evident that it’ll definitely be a Rom-Com and this, the genre is the biggest USP of the film”.

About the movie having some audience education aspect he says, ”Apart from many subliminal messages to educate the audience, the most important message in the film is the positivity. You will come in tired, angry or disappointed and after watching the film, you will go back home with a smile on your face, the best ever message you can give to the Pakistani audience in the current times”.

Heer Maan Ja” releases in cinemas this Eidul Azha.

Fareeha Wahid

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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