Review: AmnaIlyas starrer ‘Gardaab’ is a Romantic Thriller You Shouldn’t Miss

The rebirth of Pakistan Film industry after an absolute collapse is more than nothing and no matter how big or small the film is, it still calls for feedback and endorsement to excel over and above that. Gardaab(whirlpool) is another underrated movie that deserves a lot more views.

The film Gardaab (whirlpool) by director Harune Massey and producer Mazher Zaiddi is one of a kind,portraying the inside deets from the old days of Karachi where gang war used to rule and feed on human blood.

It’s a thriller based on a typical love story that blossoms in the midst of a whirlpool of clout and Bloodbath showing the ruthless realities of the gang war and the motives behind it. The way the story unfolds adds suspense and thrill at every fold reflecting the true art of screen writing.

Fawad Khan in the character of Shahabaz grows up under a drug lord (Firdous Khan) and Amna Ilyas, playing the role of Parveen, is a daughter of powerful rival clan (Abdullah Jaan) and her marriage has been fixed with another influential mafioso but she falls in love with Shahbaz, not knowing of his mysterious past.

This thrilling and suspense filled movie is not just enthralling but also sketches the insight of old Karachi sprinkled with the filth of honor killings and use of children for hazardous missions like target killing and smuggling. This compelling romance-turned-thriller film is a story hinged on the fragility of human life in the whirlpool of violence, silence, love, impulsion,power, greed, honor, fear and fearlessness.

Gardaab is far better than a lot of large scale movies. It’s beautifully written and shot in different areas of Karachi to give the authenticity but the only flaw you’ll find is its low budget. The production value and music could have been improved and a little more investment could have made it the best movie of Pakistan Film Industry so far in the genre of romance and thriller and the film could have been released in cinemas.

Talking about the acting department, Amna Ilyas plays a befitting role as Parveen and proves her aptness in performing art. Whereas,Fawad Khan is also a good choice but the dialogue delivery in some of the parts reflects his naivety a bit. The rest of the supporting roles played by Gohar Rasheed, Mohammad Javed, Nimra Bucha, Khalid Ahmed and Adnan Shah Tipu complement the whole idea of the movie.

The underrated movies like Gardaab should be in forefront to be heard and deserves more applause and accolade than some of the movies that lack on story and focuses more on glamour, item numbers, and adult jokes.

This low-budget movie has everything to upheave and fill your one and a half hour with emotions and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. We recommend you Gardaab to watch online this weekend..

Fareeha Wahid

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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