5 Reasons to Watch ‘Ready Steady No’ This Weekend

Amna Ilyas starrer “Ready Steady No” is finally hitting cinemas nationwide this Friday and if you are still wondering whether you should go for this indie film or not, we here provide you with some of the reasons that adds this film to your things-to-do-this-weekend list.

1. Salman Shahid and Ismail Tara

Two veterans of the screens at the top of their game warrant a trip to the cinema. Few films today bring veterans to the screen other than Javed Sheikh sahab and Nadeem Sahab. Ismail Tara’s presence has thus far been limited to “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” and few forgettable films and Salman Shahid has only been seen in a memorable Avatar in the original “Na Maloom Afraad”.

2. Amna Ilyas

Honestly, I shouldn’t have to say more. Ever since she started with “Zinda Bhaag”, she’s mesmerized audiences. With her impactful performance in “Baaji” fresh in everyone’s minds, it’s terrific that Amna Ilyas is gracing the screen again so soon.


3. Marhoom Ahmed Bilal

If you enjoyed his character as Billu Butt in “Teefa in Trouble”, you’ll love his performance here. Along with Zain Afzal and a talented cast of supporting actors, this film promises to be a laugh riot.


4. The Subtle Humour

Most Pakistani comedies these days tend to be over the top and some even use adult or toilet humor for getting cheap laughs out of the audience. “Ready, Steady, No” seems to take the other route. The humor in this film is much more subtle and drives home the point without screaming or shouting out the punchline.


5. Independent Cinema

Ready, Steady, No is the directorial debut of Hisham Bin Munawwar. He’s been working on it since he was fresh out of University. These kinds of independent projects usually fly under the radar in Pakistan and don’t get the applause they deserve. Support Indie cinema in the country. Support different visions for the same Pakistani cinema.


“Ready, Steady, No” hits theaters this Friday, on July 19.

Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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