Heer Maan Ja (Movie Review): A Crazy Entertainer that will Uplift Your Weekend

Like every year, this Eidul Azha witnesses the release of multiple Pakistani films. Amidst the intense dramas released on this Eid, “Heer Maan Ja” is different for it’s action-romantic comedy genre.

The story of “Heer Maan Ja” revolves around Heer, (played by Hareem), Kabir (played by Ali Rehman Khan) and Wajdaan (played by Faizan Shaikh). Heer and Kabir used to be university class mates and are shown falling for each other. However, for some reasons, the two part ways; and not on good terms. Fast forward to a few years later, Heer is now marrying her cousin Wajdaan, the prime antagonist of film, but at the same time, she is secretly planing to run away from her wedding. Why she wants to run away? How Kabir becomes a part of this runaway bride’s adventure, and most importantly, what made Heer and Kabir part ways in the first place are the questions that the film answers.

The first half of the film appears dull. Most of the events shown don’t really make sense until the interval and the entertainment value that the film’s first half offers is scarce. First half is relatively and thankfully short, due to the fact that some parts of the film have been entirely removed for some censor related issues. Ahmed Ali Akbar, Azfar Jafri and Imran Raza Kazmi’s cameo appearances are present in the trailer but are not there in the film. Cutting out the entire part consequently took away much of the entertainment value which the first half of film was suppose to provide.

However, if you manage to sit through the first half patiently, the second half turns out to be your reward. It’s a roller coaster with hilarious comedy scenes, jaw dropping chase sequences, some well executed action scenes, emotional quotient, romance, and some beautiful songs. A lot of things start making sense simultaneously, and you start getting answers to each question from the first half.

Talking about performances, the lead actors Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq look good and act well. Hareem’s performance although in few scenes looks forced but she looks so beautiful that you can easily forgive her. But the one actor who outshined the two protagonists is Faizan Shaikh. As Wajdaan, he grabs your attention every time he appears on screen, with his vicious mannerism and menacing expressions. From his aggressive action scenes to his high energy dance performance in the final song, he commands your attention. His dialogue delivery is spot on, and even in the scenes where he doesn’t have a lot to say, he manages to steal the limelight every single time. Mojiz Hassan as Ali’s best friend and debutant actor Shamayale Khattak as Ramzey have given a remarkable performance in their respective roles.

Among veteran actors, Abid Ali’s performance is heart warming. As a caring father with his quintessential dialogue delivery, he shines in his limited role. He is an actor who can turn even ordinary lines into great ones and that’s what he did in “Heer Maan Ja” as well. Among cameos, Amina Sheikh has the most substantial one. She owns the screen with her looks, talent and the glamorous aura her personality exudes. We have never seen this side of her in films and we definitely want to see her in more glamorous roles in future. Zara Sheikh on the other hand seems wasted here, courtesy the shabby dress and ordinary styling. She deserved to be presented as the diva she is.

Talking of film’s music, the romantic “Kuch Tou Hua Hai” and Abdullah Qureshi’s heartfelt “Chan Mahi” stand out. About script, the dialogues are mediocre but the engaging screenplay and Azfar Jafri’s gripping direction make up for it. Film also deals with a social issue but here again just like “Janaan”, it never gets preachy and conveys its message in a very subtle way.

“Heer Maan Ja” is producer Imran Raza Kazmi and director Azfar Jafri’s fourth collaboration after “Siyaah”, “Janaan” and “Parchi”. They had played it safe in “Siyaah” and “Parchi” with small budgets and in “Janaan” with a conventional genre. In “Heer Maan Ja”, though they have played it safer, with a convenient genre and have added all the possible commercial ingredients to ensure its success. However, despite a story that has been told a dozen times before, they have managed to make the film look fresh with creative input that is seen throughout the film.

There is a situation where Kabir and all other characters share their best possible plan to help Heer escape her wedding. That simple situation has been executed so well that you can’t help but notice that this one is by far the most creative attempt by IRK Films, overall. The creative heads behind “Heer Maan Ja”, with situation like these have managed to make this film a crazy entertainer that will serve as a good option for an audience that want to go out and get entertained during this holiday season.

  • Verdict


“Heer Maan Ja”, with an engaging screenplay and right amount of entertainment value will serve as a good option for an audience that want to go out and get entertained during this holiday season.

Written by Azadar Kazmi


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