Box Office: Movie Business in Pakistan Fizzles Out Post Eid

The three Pakistani films released on Eid Ul Azha have raked in sizable totals at the local box office. However, the weekdays following the extended Eid weekend have not been kind to them. Sharp drops in box office returns have been noted for all three films and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to pick back up again.

“Superstar” and “Parey Hut Love” have both raked in 15 Cr each. While these totals are impressive in and of themselves, they represent a huge drop in cinema audiences post Eid.

As per estimates by Entertainment Pakistan, “Superstar” made 13.2 Cr during the Eid Ul Azha weekend, while “Parey Hut Love” made just under 12 Cr. Which means the former made just 1.8 Cr in the four weekdays following Eid while the latter made 3 Cr. This is a far cry from the close to 2 Cr per day they were making during Eid.

“Heer Maan Ja” met the same fate. It had remained the weakest out of the three films during Eid, with a total of 6.75 Cr. According to a representative of IRK Films, its total now stands at 7.8 Cr, which shows a climb of just 1.05 Cr over four days.

One hopes the weekend brings more audiences to the theaters, but it doesn’t look good for the Eid offerings now that Eid is over.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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