Censor Board Lifts Ban on "Durj" after Second Reviewing

BREAKING: Censor Board Lifts Ban on “Durj” after Second Reviewing

After a cumbersome appeals process, the ban on “Durj” has been lifted by the Pakistan Censor Board.

“Durj” was always a controversial film, especially in Pakistan. Even when Shamoon Abbasi spoke to Pakistan Cinema earlier this year, he was unsure if the film would even be approved by the country’s censor board. However, when the trailers and even the film was passed by the Sindh and Punjab censor boards, the film got a release date of 18th October.

As it came to pass though, the film was banned a few weeks before release by the Federal Censor Board. Shamoon Abbasi was furious, and he voiced his disappointment through social media. However, he also launched an appeal for a second viewing to the Censor Board.

That viewing occurred on 14th October at Centaurus Cinemas, Islamabad. Fortunately, the film passed with minor cuts by the Federal Censor Board. In Sindh however, the film will be shown without any cuts at all.

Now, all that is to be determined is the release date. Whenever the film is released though, we will be queuing up to buy a ticket to this ground breaking film, and so should you.



Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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