Pervez Malik’s Films are Still Memorable on His 11th Death Anniversary

Pervez Malik cultivated a certain type of cinema in Pakistan that has never been replicated. His treasure trove of cinema includes “Heera Aur Pathar”, “Ehsaan”, “Doraha”, “Meherbani”, and “Qurbani” and all time blockbuster “Armaan”.

While his films with Mohammad Ali and Nadeem were big hits at the box office, it’s his collaborations with Waheed Murad and Zeba that have stood the test of time. “Armaan” (1966), Pakistan’s first Platinum Jubilee made Waheed Murad a legend. It’s soundtrack still stands as perhaps the country’s most loved, with gems like ‘Ko Ko Koreena’, ‘Jab Pyaar Mein Do Dil Miltay Hain’, and ‘Akele Na Jaana’.

The songs composed by Sohail Rana, sung by Ahmed Rushdi (and others) and adorned with beautiful lyrics by Masroor Anwar still occupy a collective memory for most Pakistanis. And behind the camera for all of it was Pervez Malik.His eye captured moments that subsequent filmmakers have been trying to replicate for decades. And they’ll keep trying.

Pervez Malik passed away on November 18th, 2008.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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