“Meray Pass Tum Ho” Finale’s Cinema Screening Set to Create History

While we’ve yet to see a single Pakistani film hit the screens this year, the first local offering to theaters in 2020 will be the finale of the massively popular “Meray Pass Tum Ho”. The finale will be 90 minutes long, the running length of a typical feature film.

Initial reports of advanced bookings have surpassed expectations. According to estimates by Box Office Detail, nearly 15 Lacs worth of tickets have been purchased all over Pakistan. Speaking to Pakistani Cinema Ali Zain, the trade analyst, says, “It’s one of the biggest advance sales of all time. One thing must be noted here that serial will be playing in night shows only yet the numbers will be better than complete opening day of most of the films released last year. The serial is becoming a trend setter as the mega success of MPTH now opens a new revenue stream for cinemas which have been going through a dry patch for some time”.

The Humayun Saeed-Ayeza Khan-Adnan Siddiqui starrer has shattered records all over the country. It has also courted controversy in the shape of an interview given by its writer, Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar and has also inspired memes after the “Shehwar Chemicals” episode. The television show has done it all. Now, it’s going to make history with its finale being broadcast in cinemas.

This is not at all out of the ordinary for major television shows in the west however. “Game of Thrones” famously screened its pilot episodes in limited cinemas before it’s official release. The Marvel Netflix shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc) have also been shown at Comic Cons and limited screenings. However, for Pakistan, this is just the second after “Pyarey Afzal” and the first with this massive response that too a week prior to its release.

Meray Pass Tum Ho’s finale will be screened in cinemas nationwide on the 25th of January. The time slot for the shows is 8-10 pm, though if the shows all sell out, which is very likely, more slots may be added.

So if you’re a fan like hundreds of thousands all around the country, book your tickets now.

Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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