1917, Ford V Ferrari, and Frozen 2 Maintain a Good Hold at the Cinemas

Box Office: “1917”, “Ford v Ferrari”, and “Frozen II” Maintain Good Hold at Cinemas

In the absence of local flicks and the Bollywood Ban, only Hollywood hits are keeping cinemas running.

Of these the longest running film, Frozen 2 has nearly grossed 9.8 Cr at the box office. In the next week it may hit 10 Cr, becoming the second animated film released in Pakistan, after The Donkey King, to cross this milestone. Frozen 2 is also nearing the 100 day milestone at the Pakistani box office. This is testament to what a family film can do at the box office.

Ford V Ferrari, starring Matt Damon, and Christian Bale, has grossed 1.8 Cr at the box office. Considering the limited audience for the film in Pakistan, its total is quite respectable. However, its run has ended throughout the nation, meaning it won’t reach the 2 Cr milestone.

Finally, the Word War I Drama 1917 has earned 1.05 Cr at the box office. While it has only attracted niche audiences due to its strictly no nonsense appeal, it has been a critical favourite. Winning both the BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Film, 1917 has become the crowning achievement of Director Sam Mendes’ career. It may yet achieve the 1.5 Cr milestone in Pakistan since no immediate challengers, except for Sonic the Hedgehog are coming to cinemas soon

All the box office figures reported here were courtesy of Box Office Detail.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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