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Record (Movie Review) : The Film Proves that Original Voices Exist in the Pakistani Film Industry

Directed by Kashif Khan and Asad Siddiki the film is a lot of debuts in one. The film has new faces like Sarah Asghar, Inayat Khan, Maharukh Rizvi and Faisal Akhtar, but more on it later. According to the description released by the makers It’s an Experimental Horror Film.

When you read the words” Horror”, “Experimental” in the description of a Pakistani film of non-commercial zone; it’s bound to make you skeptical and intrigued. I entered the cinema with an open mind and I came out with the right emotions in place.

It is not a typical horror film with jump scares and conventional horror tropes. It’s truly experimental in its execution and the credit goes to the directors Kashif Khan and Asad Siddiki for executing it in a contained product. The way the film progressed to the first act I was wondering how the makers especially writer of the film will conclude the whole story and what narrative might progress. Excitingly every time I developed a theory about what might happen next I was proved wrong with an anti-climactic yet more and more teasing progress.

Where I think the film could have improved was the background score. The live sounds were perfect but the added layer of suggestive music on it felt a bit unnecessary or uncreative in parts. Although the film felt very realistic throughout but the male lead came across as a bit irritating which I think might be a creative decision that lost its impact and essence in the translation from paper to screen.

Special appreciation should be given to the entire team for attempting this film. I wish they would have promoted the film more and its definitely worth giving a watch.

Movie Review Record
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Now it’s not the best horror film in the world but it’s, plain, simple, and linear, and will keep your interest intact.

Written by Syed Ali Asghar


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