Delhi Gate's Explosive Teaser Promises Action, Romance, and Over the Top Dialogue

Delhi Gate’s Explosive Teaser Promises Action, Romance, and Over the Top Dialogue

Delhi Gate, the Nadeem Cheema’s directed action-romance flick finally has a teaser. The film has been through its fair share of casting and re-casting decisions and hiccups, but now it’s teaser is proof that it all paid off.

Filled with explosive action-packed shots and colorful dance numbers, the film seems like it’s chock full of entertainment. Shots of Badshahi Masjid, pigeons taking flight, and the titular Delhi Gate all mesh together to create a roller coaster.

The teaser hints at a story that we might’ve seen countless times before, but the production value and the action choreography seems to be good enough to make up for any creative or literary gaps.

The film has been directed by Nadeem Cheema, and written by M. Kamal Pasha. It stars Jawed Sheikh, Roma Michael, Yasir Khan, Rashid Mehmood, Khalid Butt, Saud, Sheheryar Cheema, and Shamoon Abbasi.

While there is obviously no release date yet, the film looks to be a “paisa-vasool entertainer” which will supply a much-needed boost to the film industry when the coronavirus pandemic finally ends. If this is the jolt that kick starts the film industry after a year of forced dormancy, then it will be very welcome.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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