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Shakeel Sohail Lyricist Behind Industries Biggest Hits For Past Couple of Decades Passed Away Yesterday

Shakeel Sohail is a name that many of you may not have heard, but you’ve definitely appreciated his work. ‘Bekaraan Ishq’ and ‘In Dinon’ from ‘Superstar’, the title track for ‘Bin Roye’, ‘Musafir’ from ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’, Aima Baig’s ‘Kalabaaz’ were all penned by him to name a few. One of his most recent works is Ost of Sajal Aly, Ahad Raza Mir starer ‘Yeh Dil Mera’. We will also get to hear two of songs penned by him in Amar Khan, Imran Ashraf Starer ‘Dum Mastam’

The beautiful lyrics he wrote for all those songs are a testament to his talent. Undoubtedly one of the best lyricist Pakistan has ever produced, Shakeel Sohail tragically passed away yesterday. For a man who contributed so much to some of the most popular music in the country recently, he was a relative unknown. So many other off screen talents bear the same fate of non-recognition during their lifetimes.

Here’s how people from industry recalled him on his demise

Amar Khan


Azaan Sami Khan


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With a very very heavy heart I write this. 4 years ago I was introduced to Shakeel Sohail Sb. He was one of the most kind, humble, dependable and gracious people I’ve ever worked with….not to mention one of the most talented lyricists Pakistan has ever produced. He wrote pretty much anything that you may have heard of mine from Thaam Lo, Bekaraan, in dinon, Anjaana, doston, Ghalat Fehmi, Noori, Dhadak Bhadak, Bhulleya, Musafir and more. As well as writing many many many of the industries biggest hits of the past couple of decades with the best composers. It’ll take me a while to process your loss. He was one of the first calls id ever make whenever I composed anything and was like a backbone. My spine. Always there holding it all together. He had the biggest heart and unlike anyone I’ve known would tell me to write lyrics to some melodies and then would correct them and send them back. To teach me. It helped me in composing so much. I felt as though he was always there. Had my back. I’ll always miss you and Thank you so much for everything. Wherever you may be: “ Aisa hua tha Yaqeen, ke baadlon main milo ge thum bhi kaheen….Main bhi musafir hoon bulao tho main haazir hoon” Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. May you rest with the greatest artists up there💔🙏🏻 p.s this picture was taken when Shakeel Sb had come to Karachi to write Noori.

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Mahira Khan

Aima Baig


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Shakeel bhai, a legacy! He recently wrote his last song for me and I am still in shock as I had just met him a few weeks before! Not only was he delightful, but he was also an immensely talented person. My heart is filled with so much sorrow and it truly breaks me to even think about the fact that his joyful presence will not be with us anymore. He has written: Befikriyaan, Kalabaaz dil, Ahl-e-dil and so many more amazing hit songs in his life. He was devoted to his craft and penned down words as if he was born to be a lyricist. The first time I had met him was at Shiraz Uppal’s studio. Every memory and moment we shared throughout your journey will forever be etched onto my heart. You’ll be missed dearly! RIP.

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Pakistani Cinema sends condolences to his family. The void he has left behind will be difficult to fill.

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