SWIPE 2020

Swipe is an animated movie made on fatwa culture

Swipe is a Pakistani animated short film made by a team of 20 animators, storytellers and musicians. The movie has put forth a silent message about a fatwa culture that gives everyone a right to judge others and pass a fatwa based on their own biased choices and preferences. Swipe is directed by Arafat Mazhar, who previously directed “Shehr e Tabassum” which was about a Dystopian Pakistan in the year 2071.

Swipe is about a young boy who gets familiar with a trending app of the time called iFatwa that crowdsources religious death sentences and people using the app decide to swipe left or right. Swipe left means the sentence should be given and swipe right means to grant forgiveness. The boy spends his days swiping on the lives of strangers as he attempts to get a top spot on the ajar board. While judging others and to score good on ajar, he ends up destroying her own family too who was sentenced due to the same app through other users.

The film is pointing out the double standards and judgmental nature of the society in a creative way. It is getting an amazing response from the viewers. From the story plot to music, the film has managed to stand out. It took a whole one year to create a 14-minute-long film which is justified for the kind of work it is.

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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