‘RAW’ Action: Karachi Division has an intriguing premise

Karachi offers an interesting intersection of different multicultural communities, a constantly evolving political climate and an urban landscape that has borne the brunt of geopolitics of the new millennium. This stark reality is not lost on writer, director and producer Shamoon Abbasi, who has chosen the city of Jinnah as the tapestry for his upcoming digital series titled Karachi Division.

The minute long teaser which was exclusively screened to PakistaniCinema offers a look into the dark, violent and crime ridden digital series that has been crafted by Abbasi. Given its rather unambiguous title, no prizes for guessing that the series will be showcasing the story of how goons, gang leaders, and local influential pushed their agendas – and that of certain foreign intelligence agencies (several references are made to India’s Research and Analyst Wing/RAW) to create ethnic and political strife. All done with the grit and edginess that Abbasi crafts his thrillers with, of course.

However, make no mistake, this will certainly not be a nuanced take on regional geopolitical realities – or even a slow burner on the issue like Operation 021 – the teaser of Karachi Division hints more at an in-your-face treatment and a no holds barred approach that promises to shock. The reel spins through police chases through the rough parts of town, shots of journalists being killed and seedy gangland operatives going about their dirty deeds. From what little the teaser shows, the makers seem to have crafted an authentic and suitably gritty crime-scape for the series. On the acting front, Abbasi has roped in an ensemble cast featuring quite a few newbies, while himself playing the lead protagonist.

Karachi Division seems to be similar in tone and style to Durj, Abbasi’s last directorial venture. While the preview does not reveal much about the series’ plot and storyline, however, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect an action series about the cat and mouse game between Karachi’s police and foreign intelligence operatives and their local henchmen. Stay tuned to Pakistani cinema for the latest on Karachi Division and the best from Pakistani show business!

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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