Yasir Nawaz Talks About His Next: The First Sindhi Film of Revived Cinema


Yasir Nawaz, after producing and directing successful Urdu films like “Wrong No.”, “Mehrunisa V Lub U” and “Wrong No. 2”, is now all set to make first Sindhi film of revived cinema. The announcement was made by him on the Sindh culture day celebrated two days back. In the video posted on his Instagram, he stated that being a Sindhi he felt that he should be making a Sindhi movie. He also announced that renowned dramatist Noor-ul Huda Shah will be penning the movie.


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We at reached out to Yasir to ask him more about the project. On being asked about when the movie is going on floors, he replied ”The movie is in the initial stages of script at the moment, once the script is ready, we will be deciding about going on floors’’.

Talking about the overall treatment of the film he said, ‘’Since we are living in modern times the movie will have a blend of both the contemporary as well as cultural elements’’. Persisting that the film is entirely independent commercial project, he said, ‘’Though it projects the culture of Sindh, it is not a funded or a propaganda film by any means.’’

Since the Sindh’s cinema market is much smaller compared to that of Punjab, a Sindhi film is bound to cater a much lesser audience which made us ask him about the financial viability of the movie. ‘’We think that Sindhis are very less in numbers but that’s not true. Sindhis are not confined to just Sindh. There’s Sindhi diaspora in UK, UAE and other parts of world”, says Nawaz, “but I do realize that it’s still a small market and that’s why the budget of the movie will also be kept low.’’

Though it’s a first Sindhi language film in the revived cinema scene but it’s not an unexplored territory in the history of Pakistani cinema. A number of films in Sindhi language have been made earlier since 50’s such as “Umar Marvi”, “Sassi Punnu”, “Shehro Feroz” and “Rat Jaa Rishtaa” to name a few. Later the number of Sindhi films started to reduce with “Himmat” proving to be the last release in 1997. We at appreciate Yasir’s effort to revive the regional cinema in Pakistan and wish him all the best for the success of his film.

Written by Ghulam Qadir

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