Phavur Studios Releases Song ‘Sahiban’: An Ode to the Romance of Mirza Sahiban

Phavur Studios just released their production “Sahiban” a song in the melodious voice of Amanat Ali. Featuring the gorgeous Urwa Hocane and handsome Hassan Khan to bring us the folklore, “Mirza Sahiban”

The famous “Mirza Sahiba” story is retold by Hira Yousafzai (Director), Hirra Farooqi (Producer), and pushed forward by the multi-talented Zayan Agha(On-set Producer). The story is retold using a modern language and a female empowering twist.

The song is meant for the younger generation who want to hear of strong individuals unwavering in their aspirations.  For the first time ever, we see the female lead, Urwa Hocane, as Sahiba basking in the love for Mirza (Hassan Khan) and more importantly, herself. The video opens with the beautiful song that plays for the duration as we see glimpse of the blooming love but by the end, we see why it is important for women to be in full control of their own fate and their are better outcomes for women outside of the ‘damsel in distress’ trope.

Phavur Studios is an up and coming production house based in Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, and now investing in content in Pakistan and under-privileged communities around the world to bring untold stories to life. Spearheaded by a strong team of independent filmmakers, Phavur is launching their first project with the power of music through folk ware story-telling.

Pakistan is home to many inspiring romantic folk stories that tell the tale of pure love. Punjab is one of the regions within Pakistan that is home to the folk stories of Mirza-Sahiban, Sassi-Punnu, Sohni-Mahiwal, Heer-Ranjha and more. We’re so excited to see that international platforms like Phavur are focusing on ancient, traditional, and cultural storytelling to capture the essence of story-telling in Pakistan.

The song is easily song of the season and a must listen for all the romantic souls!

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