Bepanah: Eshal Fayyaz’s Believable Depiction Of Rushna, Has Got The Audience Hooked

Eshal first rose to prominence as a model before breaking into the acting. Success as an actor came from her first television drama, Aabro, which aired on Hum TV. Since then, Eshal has played a variety of lead and supporting parts in dramas like Bebasi, Pehchan, Tabeer, and Hatheli. Her performance in the movie Kaaf Kangana garnered her great deal of appreciation and paved the way for her to work in more films. Eshal is unquestionably headed for stardom in the industry at the rate she is appearing in major dramas, movies, and telefilms along with modeling for some of the biggest names and brands.

Eshal In Bepanah

People are currently enjoying Rushna (Eshal Fayyaz) and Gul’s (Kanwal Khan’s) story in Hum TV drama Bepanah, and it is becoming increasingly popular. The drama is directed by Kamran Akbar Khan and produced by Momina Duraid.

The Plot:

Bepanah is a story of two cousins, Gul and Rushna, who are totally opposite to one another—Gul, who is calm and obedient, on the other hand, Rushna is fearless and carefree. Rushna’s life dramatically changes after she makes a poor choice and choses to get married to a rich man rather than her loving fiancé of childhood. Rushna’s bad decision turns out to be fortunate for Gul as she is then married to Rushna’s fiance whom Gul had feelings for. Rushna’s greed and stupid mistakes lead to the destruction of the whole family.

Despite Rushna’s divorce from the wealthy, spoiled man, bad things still continue to occur because of Rushna’s selfishness.

Eshal makes Rushna relatable:

Rushna is a complicated person with both good and bad traits. Despite being the antagonist, she also has a human side. She behaves in this way because all she wants is a life of comforts, but right now, when everything is out of control, all she is thinking about is how to survive, which sends her spiraling further and further into a maze of problems. Eshal’s portrayal of the character of Rushna is perfect and gives she gives the character a relatable and believable feel. We have all known a Rushna who is just ignorant and acts selfish in trying to save her self.

How it’s been:

In the initial episodes, when she is seen daydreaming about Jibran (the wealthy man), who has enchanted her with his wealth and of course his excessive attention, Eshal has added a great deal of depth to the role. The twinkle in her eyes as she imagines her future with Jibran eloquently captures how he has charmed her. She later demonstrates brilliantly how she is living the life she has always wanted when she marries the man of her choice. Following her marriage to Jibran, Eshal as Rushna has undergone significant transformation, as indicated by her altered body language, stylish attire, and confident attitude.

Bringing her Best:

Eshal definitely gives Rushna her all. Eshal is making every effort to return to her previous life as the drama becomes more and more captivating with each new episode. She is making silly errors once more, and you can see how desperate she is to put things right. She has, however, grown more confident in her ability to lie and less hesitant to take the initiative to do things her way. Eshal does a fantastic job in portraying the range of emotions that her character has but yet maintains a sense of innocence about all of her actions because, in her eyes, she is acting morally. She also brilliantly portrays her shock and anguish after Jibran throws her out of his house.

While the play is well-liked by the audience, Eshal in particular has received a lot of praise for her acting. Some even believe that Rushna’s presence, despite being damaging to the other characters in the drama, is what keeps the plot moving and adds to the drama’s entertainment. Tell us in the comments which Rushna scene from the drama is your favorite.

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