Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri - EP1 Review
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“Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri”: Off to an Underwhelming Start

Kushhal Khan and Dananeer Mubeen are starring in the new HUM TV serial “Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri,” which debuted its first episode on Friday. The show promised to bring a coming of age romantic drama through its promos, but the first episode fell short of expectations.

The script by Rahat Jabeen lacked contemporary feel and the dialogues lacked substance to help establish the chemistry between the characters, which is the foundation of any romantic drama. The lead cast gave a reasonable performance with the given shallow script, while the supporting cast was good as well, but their performance was hindered by weak writing. The interaction between family members over the dining table remained clichéd and superficial.

However, veteran actress and host Farah Hussain’s comeback into acting field is a bonus and her presence on screen should be enough to make you watch the play, though it’s not enough to make up for the lacklustre writing.

Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri - 001

The soundtrack is good and sets the mood for romantic scenes, uplifting those few moments where the lead characters show a spark for each other, making us not lose hope in the first episode and instead wait for the characters and story to develop in the upcoming episodes.

Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri - 002

The visuals are impressive, and the scenes manage to grab your attention with stunning visuals. Shooting the project in Islamabad has its perks as it can make a regular scene look pleasant due to the scenic views.

Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri - 003

The direction by Shahid Shafaat is average at best in the first episode. The director has already established himself with projects like “Dil Mom Ka Diya,” and he certainly can do better. There is no way that Islamabad police would require two adults to show their documents outside Centaurus Mall, and the situation could have been created in a more believable way.

Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri - 004

Overall, the first episode of “Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri” was underwhelming, and the lackluster script and direction did not do justice to the talented cast.

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