It is 47 Years Today Since Munawwar Zareef Left this World

On April 29th 1976 Munawwar Zareef left the world forever, leaving behind legions of fans weeping when they had been laughing all the while he was alive and kicking.

Munawwar Zareef was arguably Pakistan’s best film comedian. In a line up that includes Rafi Khawar (Nanha), Rangeela, Lehri, Khalid Saleem Mota, Ejaz, Nirala and Ali Ejaz, he stood out as perhaps the sharpest and most quick witted out of all of them.

Using the theatrical art of Jugat Baazi, he was well known for improvising his lines when engaging with his fellow comedians as well as A-list actors like Waheed Murad, Shahid and Sultan Rahi.

However, his most famous and well-regarded equation was with his co-star and comedian Rangeela. They made several comedies together which were laugh riots and coincidentally the most well known of their filmographies including “Rangeela”, “Rangeela Aur Munawwar Zareef”, “Baat Pauhnchi Teri Jawani Tak”, “Pathar Tay Leek”, “Sacha Jhoota”, etc.

Munawwar Zareef’s own filmography where he played the main lead is also iconic with films like “Naukar Wohti Da”, and “Namak Haraam” leading the charge.

Sadly Munawwar Zareef was taken from us decades too early due to liver cirrhosis. While today’s generation may not be too familiar with his work, you’re guaranteed to laugh your heart out if you stumble on any one of his films.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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