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Entertaining, Thought Provoking and Authentic: ‘Kuch Ankahi’ Is The Best Drama Of The Season!

If you are an avid drama buff and are in search of something unique to satisfy your dramatic cravings then ‘Kuch Ankahi’ is the perfect pick for you. Inspired by old PTV classics, the plot frequently handles tabooed subjects, and highlights family values with face-paced execution keeping the viewer’s attention arrested.


Mandatory Information

Nadeem Baig’s last outing for TV ‘Sinf-e-Ahan’ was a forgettable affair, but the director bounces back big time. The script is written by Syed Muhammad Ahmed whose repertoire includes notable outings like ‘Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat’, ‘Dareecha’, ‘Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay’ to name a few. This serial is produced by Shehzad Naseeb and Humayun Saeed.

What’s Kuch Ankahi All About?

Described as a modern-day and light-hearted enterprise, the plot revolves around Salman (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Aaliya (Sajal Aly) who are constantly at loggerheads with each other. Hailing from the same profession (property broker), they are competitive and don’t let go of any opportunity to crack a deal. Aaliya’s father Agha Jaan (Muhammad Ahmed) is battling for his ancestral house. Things take a dramatic turn when Salman shifts to Aaliya’s house as a tenant.

Being the breadwinner of the house, Aaliya is working hard to get her father out of the property mess. Her elder sister Samiya (Mira Sethi) is a doting daughter willing to do everything on her mother Shammo Begum’s (Isra Ghazal) wish list. Her younger sister Tanya (Qudsia Ali) is an entertainment package and brings to the table the much-needed fun moments. But there is a lot more that makes Kuch Ankahi super special. Let’s discuss.

Highly Relevant

Writer Muhammad Ahmed brings back the nostalgia of legendary writers like Haseena Moin and Ashfaq Ahmed. He has thoughtfully written the script highlighting issues that are often brushed under the carpet. Resultantly ‘Kuch Ankahi’ feels like watching a set of actors performing live. As if, they just delivered their lines without any cameras around. No acting, just talking. Be it the scenes where Samiya confronts her husband Saif ur Rehman (Ali Safina) about infidelity, the interesting conversations of Shagufta (Uroosa Siddique) with her father or the way how Shammo Begum picks faults in her daughters, we can relate to their problems, pain and moments of happiness. We know them already, they are around in our family or neighborhood. Thankfully, no slo-mo sequences, no waste of time as every scene contributes in taking the narrative forward. Brownie points to Baig for bringing out natural and nuanced performances from his actors.

Interesting Characters Breaking Stereotypes

‘Kuch Ankahi’ presents its characters and their standing in society like never before. The narrative highlights female societal issues like Sofia Agha (Vaneeza Ahmed) fighting for her legal and religious right of her property. Also, her character clears misconceptions and the wrong portrayal of ‘phuppo’.

Girls can relate to marriage pressure like Samiya who at the age of 28 is categorized as a spinster. She isn’t a doormat, she has a voice and goes all out to make her husband have an identity of his own. Body shaming seems to be the talk of the town as Tanya is constantly ridiculed 24/7 for eating, not having a pencil-slim figure that can become a marriage hurdle. Instead of wasting her time to fit in the mold, Tanya focuses on her studies and manages to travel out of station for her assignment.

On the contrary, society has manipulators like Shagufta (Uroosa Siddiqui), Asfar (Sheheryar Munwar) and Zareena (Asma Abbas) who can go all out to any extent for their personal gains. We have men like Salman who keep their egos under their feet and help their mothers in doing the household stuff. Puppets like Saif-ur-Rehman are prevalent in society who don’t bother to use their brains and are controlled by their mother or girlfriend. Nothing is grey, either it’s black or white. No less, nor extra there’s a correct balance and it never gets preachy. Viewers are served the right dose of entertainment from the word go.


The Extra Toppings

The makers have not just enriched ‘Kuch Ankahi’ with the required 12 masalay but have garnished this scrumptious main course with ample toppings to relish. Dramas these days aren’t fueled with proper Urdu language. Actors are often mouthing lines in more English and less Urdu that eventually come across as immature and doesn’t give the desired impact. Thankfully Muhammad Ahmed has given the national language the much-needed respect it deserves. We get to listen proper vocabulary and pronunciation. It is indeed a great source for Gen-Z to learn the language.

The drama has some beautiful and touching moments about the father-daughter bond we might just need to be reminded of. What’s amazing is that Agha Jaan respects his daughters for who they are. He empowers them to have a purpose in life and encourages the traits of being independent.

A Love triangle is a tried and tested formula to sizzle up the proceedings. Although we have witnessed the striking chemistry of Bilal and Sajal earlier in ‘O Rangreza’ and ‘Khel Khel Mein’, it’s Aly and Sheheryar’s track that channelizes every emotion in the book through their eyes.


Final Word

Watching ‘Kuch Ankahi’ is like enjoying a lavish buffet offering a wide variety of flavors. The drama serial hits all the right notes and is a treat for ardent viewers with an appetite for good quality content. ‘Kuch Ankahi’ airs on ARY Digital every Saturday at the prime time slot.

Written by Ozair Majeed


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