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Tere Bin: A Case Study to Understand the Power of Social Media

It is to everyone’s knowledge that ‘Tere Bin’ was supposed to have marital rape in episode 47. The final scenes of episode 46 and promo of episode 47 hinted towards a possible marital rape. While it was not sure whether the marital rape would be a part of episode 47, using such a sensitive subject as cliff-hanger and click bait itself worried many of the serial’s dedicated fans.

Tere Bin Writer’s Problematic Interview

Amid the debate of ‘whether there will be a marital rape in next episode or not’, writer of the serial, Nooran Makhdoom, confirmed the existence of marital rape in an interview for Arab News. She not only confirmed it but also went on to defend it with lamest excuses like ‘this is not the first time it’s shown on screen’ and ‘the situation required it’.

Worrisome Conscience of Project Head of Serial

If this was not enough to worry us, the project head of ‘Tere Bin’, Mehrunisa Mustaqeen Khan, in an alleged chat with a follower defended the act of a husband forcing himself on his wife against her will and to her conscience this doesn’t count as marital rape. That alarmed the whole industry and the followers as how everyone involved in the serial, from writer to project head hold stone age believes and opinions. The director and actors were to be equally blamed for taking up the project at first place.

The Producers Finally Coming Forward

The uproar on social media with hashtags like ‘Shame on Tere Bin Makers’ trending on twitter in Pakistan and India finally made an impact. On Tuesday, the producer of serial, Abdullah Kadwani, made a tweet which said, “We love and respect our audience. We urge them to wait for the next episode of Tere Bin and please stop jumping to conclusions”.

The Last Moment Damage Control

The episode 47 of the serial aired last night and at eleventh hour the production team resorted to fix the issue with edited voice over as the actors were not available to re-shoot the sequence. The voice-over tries to make it look like a consensual act, though the visuals tell some other story. The twitter is abuzz since then with memes on the ridiculous cover-up which from now on will make no sense if they stick to the original plot, which most probably they will.

The Power of Social Media

Despite the fact that we should be worried about the sick mentality of the creative heads controlling the content for national television channels, and that the cover-up has further ruined the serial by taking it to a whole new level of absurdity, the silver lining here is to celebrate the impact of social media that made a leading production house to make amends in its content. From defending the inclusion of marital rape to finally making edits, the social media uproar has changed the course in a most powerful way. This will go down in the history of Pakistan’s entertainment industry as one of the few occasions where the content has been edited under the influence of public opinion.

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